2014 Glastonbury, U.K.

Chalice Well & Gardens

We like to seek out cities that are a bit different and Glastonbury is definitely such a city. An exciting, small and old town in Somerset, England. The city has many beautiful historic buildings, cozy little streets and alleys, with small shops of spiritual character, and cozy restaurants with vegan and vegetarian food. Here is also a wonderful little place called "Chalice Well". This place is built up around a natural well, and this well is said to have had running water for close to 2.000 years, without having dried out during even the worst drying periods throughout history. The water from the well is said to have healing properties, and people from all over the world come to drink off the water and enjoy the incredible garden that is built up around the well. The place, organized as an ideal foundation, has a "hotel", where it is possible to stay with the access to the garden around the clock, otherwise there are regular hours of day-time visitors. It is not so easy to stay at the "hotel" on this small heavenly square, for you must first become a "Companion", and even if you are a member it is often fully booked months ahead of time, especially during vacations and holidays. But it's so worth it when you finally get a stay. The place bears the symbol Versica Pisces.


In 2001, Chalise Well got the title World Peace Garden, referring to that the place is a sacred and peacemaking place. 

Glastonbury has been described as a new age community. The place is known for the myths and legends associated with Glastonbury Tor, Josef of Arimatea, the Holy Grail, and King Arthur. It has been argued that Josef came to Glastonbury and thrust his rod into the ground and from there it grew up a form of Hawthorn called Glastonbury Thorn. The landscape around the city has been claimed to represent the Zodiac (zodiac).


Since 1981 it is held annually a Glastonbury festival lasting 5 days, packed with music, dance and culture. It is a very famous festival that attracts people from all over the world.