Tinyhouse #1 in Holmsbu

We bought a plot in Holmsbu 1hr southwest of Bærum/Oslo where family lives. On this plot we have built a 36m2 tinyhouse which covers all our needs. 

This was a pilot project and it was important for us to build this house ourselves because we want to show that anyone can build their own home. 

Our tinyhome is partially self-financed, and partially funded through Norway's only ethical bank, Cultura Bank. We wanted a bank who shared our values.

​The project is well documented on our BLOG.


We spent some time finding the perfect location in Holmsbu in terms of desired size and price and we were thrilled when we found it. The plot is a 1-minute walk from the idyllic Holmsbu centre with its restaurants, small shops, cafes, ice-cream parles and marina. The plot is approx. 900 sqm in a terraced slope with good sun conditions. It will be possibility to build another tinyhouse on this plot. We love the sound of water and there is a wonderful small stream passing through the property.


During 2015/2016 we spent a lot of time to learn how to build our own home. There are many strict requirements, laws and regulations to follow. It felt overwhelming in the beginning and we couldn't understand why it was such a big deal to build a tinyhouse of 36m2…..and we still don’t. However, it is fair to say that this is a relatively new trend in 2016 and hopefully it will be easier in the future. Eventhough the rules are strict the planning office & municipality was very helpful all through the project and in March 2017 the house was finished and the permit of residence was received.


The Tinyhouse House of 36sqm consists of 1 living room with a kitchen area and a guest & wardrobe area. The bathroom is separate of course and so is our storage due to rules and regulations. The 2 loft sleeps 4 people, two on each loft.  

We got a lot of inspiration from our journeys with overnight stays in small hotelapartments but we have also looked at RV’s and boats for tiny interior ideas. Our interior is multi-functional, minimalistic yet harmonious. The tinyhouse is easy to keep clean and requires little maintenance because of its size. It's that simple! Limited space allows you to buy fewer things, and in order to stay organized, all things must have their specific place. In addition, the tinyhouse heats up instantly and the electricity bill is also “tiny”. The façade of the house is intended for vertical garden and the slope of the roof is optimally adapted to a solar system.