Our trip around Norway was conducted in 1 month – June 2015.  We had decided to see certain places and follow certain routes we had heard and read about. Beyond that, we just wanted to “go with the flow". Meet new people and explore new territories coming our way. 

We started the trip driving from Oslo directly to the North Cape, and from the north we had all the time we wanted to get back south and around. To do/to see list included: "18 National tourist routes", the "North Sea Road", the Art Collection in "Sculpture Landscape Nordland", see the 8 places in Norway which is on "UNESCO's World Heritage Site" and follow the tracks of the  "Vikings footsteps". 

The 18 National Scenic Routes

On our way we drove 14 of the 18 fantastic national scenic routes, from North Cape to Lindesnes. These 18 National scenic routes include 18 of Norway's most beautiful roads. They are exciting and will occasional take your breath away. It is not only the nature that is spectacular along these roads but also the amazing picnic areas, viewpoints, land marks and attractions designed by architects and artists. Everything contributes for this to be an amazing experience from start to finish. 

Skulpturlandskap Nordland

The “Sculpture Landscape in Nordland” is an international art collection mainly developed in the period 1992-98 and 2009-2010. Here are 36 artworks designed by 36 artists from 18 countries, located in beautiful nature landscapes across 35 municipalities of Nordland + 1 in Troms.  "The  idea behind “Sculpture Landscape Nordland” is that a work of art with its presence creates its own destination. The sculpture also makes its environment visible, so that the place gets a new dimension” as stated on their website.  We stopped at all the artworks along our way and salute Nordland for the exciting and magnificent Landscapes that they have created. The Sculptures are all very different but well worth the trip.  

"Nordsjøveien" from Haugesund to Kristiansand

Along the North Sea Route you will find many of the most beautiful pearls on the south-west coast of Norway. This is a 450km long itinerary along the sea packed with attractions and experiences. We got hold of the brochure North Sea route and followed this all the way around. We stopped and talked to people in Sokndal who’s the first cittaslow ("Cities where Living Is good") municipality in Norway. At the time of writing, there are a total of 4 "Slow City" municipalities in Norway - Sokndal, Eidskog, Ulvik and Levanger. "The idea behind Cittaslow is to slow down a bit and prioritize the goof in life" as mentioned in the brochure. 

"In the footprints of the Vikings"

We also chose to take a exciting journey in the steps of the "vikings” which started at Løvøy Chapel in Horten, as well as known Viking towns and places such as Karmøy, Haugesund, Gudvangen, Stiklestad and more, and ended in Borg in Lofoten.

We hope this will inspire you all to take a holiday in Norway. Annually there are new attractions added, and we are looking forward to new trips here in our own country in the years to come.