Sonja Sveum Toen & Dag Robert Gjelsvik

We are a Norwegian couple who let go of life as we knew it!

We have chosen a lifestyle in peace and balance with our self and everything around us.


It all started early fall 2014, after time of realizing a big dream – a 1 year journey around the world. We began a checklist with what was needed to make it happen. In short, it was mostly about daring to let go of the safe, familiar and accustomed, because it turned out that both our families and employers were helpful and supportive to our idea. Since we had decided to start our trip late November the same year, we had to plan quickly. 

In September, "shop-stop" was introduced, only purchase of necessities for the trip was allowed. 

A large wall map from Ikea was hung up on the wall and alternative itineraries duly plotted. "Around the world tickets" were purchased from Staralliance. Highly recommended. 

We rented out our apartment, cancelled subscriptions, rearranged mail to family members etc for 1 year. 

As we cleared the home for rental, we noticed how little of the things we had that really meant anything special to us. We googled others who had made similar trips and packed our belongings for the next year into 2 x 20 kg bags. We really looked forward to seeing the world and meeting people from different countries on our journey, and on November 28, 2014, it all started - no idea how much that trip would change our lives. 

The trip gave us tremendous inspiration to change and transform our lives and that is what we want to share.  The insights we have gained from seeing and experiencing how people around the globe live their lives with the resources they have available. It made us realize beyond doubt that having a lot of stuff has nothing to do with happiness, but the fact that we belong to the small 10-20% portion of the world's population consuming between 80-90% of the Earth's resources is unacceptable. The impressions along the way made us rethink our values.

Now that we are back home we live a balances life. We enjoy our "new" way of living. We know how we want our life to be and how we want to spend our time. We realize what opportunities and power lies in being conscious of everything we do and aware of what we spend our money on. The questions we ask when buying something is "do we really need/want it, and where and how is it produced?". Does what, where and how we spend our money support our values? This has resulted in less shopping, lower debt and more focus on the environment and coexistence.


The needs will always change in our life but we live our lives to the fullest by being present in the day, here and now. It's about being conscious of what makes you happy, what makes you grow, listen to your inner voice and dare to be the true you - a joy for yourself and others around you.



is about being conscious and taking control of one's life, living simply, self-reliably and environmentally friendly in harmony and balance with oneself and the surroundings. We live in a time where much can feel to happen beyond our control and that we are only a small part of a large system or many, but make no mistake - you have the knowledge and the power to decide what you want to support in society using your voice, your time and your money. 

We believe in YOU! YOU make a difference in this world! YOU can do everything you want to do and YOU have everything to make it happen! So, just make the changes to live your life to the fullest according to the best that YOU can be!